Stephen Mandel Proposes Economic Development Division Focused on Alberta Energy

Jennifer Metituk

December 31, 2018


December 31, 2018 (Edmonton) – Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel is taking issue with Jason Kenney’s suggestion to engage energy industry CEOs in a ‘war room’ and proposing a smarter alternative that is rooted in how business and government should function.

“Jason’s belief that CEOs need to start fights with environmental organizations shows his fundamental inexperience and lack of understanding as to what a CEO’s role is. CEOs are in place to generate profit and value for shareholders, not to get involved in political fights that they can’t and won’t win,” said Mandel.

“Industry absolutely has a role to play in promoting the progressive, world leading environmental standards and innovation our industry adheres to in Alberta. But starting fights and having a ‘war room’ is a juvenile distraction that will only serve to polarize and entrench our opponents.”

As Premier, Mandel will establish a division within the Economic Development ministry that will collaborate with the Environment Ministry, Energy Ministry, the Premier’s Office, and industry proponents to provide data and messaging that will change the conversation and social acceptance of our energy industry through a proactive, positive, and productive
method that will move public opinion, not further isolate Albertan opportunity.

“Alberta hasn’t done a good enough job of informing our own citizens of the leadership position we hold on issues like carbon intensity and reduction, tailings pond innovations and clean up, and environmental regulation and reclamation.”

“Jason Kenney hasn’t worked a day in the private sector in his entire life. He has a fundamental lack of knowledge about how business and economic development works. His policies will further damage Alberta’s ability to compete and succeed, and he cannot be trusted to get Alberta back on track,” said Mandel.

“With the Alberta Party plan we will create conditions that enable business leaders to focus on succeeding in innovation, environmental leadership, and generating prosperity and jobs. We will ensure Albertans, Canadians, and the world are well informed of the contributions Alberta makes to Canada’s confederation, to environmental leadership, stewardship, innovation, and the wellness of our country as a whole. Most importantly we will achieve results,” concluded Mandel.

The Alberta Party is committed to Alberta, and to the values of prosperity, fiscal and social responsibility, environmental sustainability, accountable government, and strong communities.