Draft Policy Statement - Technology-Agnostic

Allen Schultz

February 18, 2022



Zero Emission Technology-Agnostic


Need/Want Directive:

Whereas Alberta should be technology-agnostic to the solutions and implementations to achieving a zero-emission solution.


Need/Want Rationale:

  • Alberta should not favour any specific technological solution over another.
  • Solutions will rely on industry to build the business case for “Electrification” vs “Alternate Fuel” based on factors such as “well-to-wheel” efficiencies, costs, compliance, etc.
  • Alberta should not be involved in the technical/philosophical discussion of “Electrification” vs “Alternate Fuel” as this would be equivalent to meriting a “Beta vs VHS” conclusion.
  • The federal government can be seen as favouring an “Electrification” solution as shown by the provided guidance on a zero-emission solution[1].  Current federal government guidance is focused on “electrification” as shown by comments from government website:
    • “… investments in zero-emission charging infrastructure, to partnerships with auto manufacturers which are helping them re-tool and produce zero-emission vehicles.“

    • “We’re investing in consumer rebates, charging stations, business tax breaks and industry transition costs to make the shift to zero-emission vehicles as seamless as possible for drivers, workers and entrepreneurs.“

    • “Achieving this target will require all Canadians, and businesses big and small, to embrace the change and go electric."

    • “Public Services and Procurement Canada is proud to advance the procurement and installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations infrastructure at federal buildings and we will continue to support the conversion of our government’s fleets to zero-emission vehicles.“

    • “The auto industry is investing hundreds of billions of dollars to accelerate their vehicle electrification plans, including recent commitments to re-tool several Canadian factories to build zero-emission vehicles.“

    • “The Government of Canada is making investments to support the transformation towards electrification, including $295 million to the Ford Motor Company of Canada’s $1.8 billion project to build electric vehicles at its Oakville Assembly Complex.“

    • “Clean Energy Canada found that with measures in Canada’s A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy plan, jobs in the EV industry are expected to increase twenty-six fold by the end of this decade.“


How Directive:

Be it resolved that:

  • Alberta Party will be impartial to the technological solutions that industry will derive in achieving zero-emission standards.


How Rationale:

  • Alberta may be able to provide zero-emission solutions that involve alternative fuels.  This should not be discounted as a solution.
  • Alberta’s energy exports need to evolve from the traditional “oil and gas for energy” to future “alternative fuels for energy”.



[1] https://www.canada.ca/en/transport-canada/news/2021/06/building-a-green-economy-government-of-canada-to-require-100-of-car-and-passenger-truck-sales-be-zero-emission-by-2035-in-canada.html