Draft Policy Statement - Rewarding Innovation

Allen Schultz

February 21, 2022



Rewarding Innovation


Need/Want Directive:

Whereas Alberta should reward innovators to develop technologies that demand zero emission products.


Need/Want Rationale:

  • Innovation rewards would be equivalent to “open-source” bounties for desired technology.
  • Auto racing industry is shown to boost domestic economy[1].


How Directive:

Be it resolved that:

  • Alberta Party will encourage innovation through prize money plans for technology competitions.


How Rationale:

  • Innovation prize plans such as auto racing in Alberta would assist with setting criteria and standards for zero emission vehicles [2].


[1] https://www.speedwaydigest.com/index.php/news/speedway-news/9773-ims-events-add-510-million-annually-into-indiana-economy

[2] https://www.forbes.com/sites/peterlyon/2021/05/28/toyota-races-worlds-first-hydrogen-race-car-to-promote-alternative-to-electric-cars/?sh=77661e612f2c