Draft Policy Statement - Residential Energy

Allen Schultz

February 19, 2022



Residential Energy


Need/Want Directive:

Whereas Alberta should be supplied with residential heating that achieve zero emission standards.


Need/Want Rationale:

  • With the federal government investing in “electrification” as the solution, it would be natural to assume that Alberta residents would be asked to replace natural gas heating with zero-emission heating likely requiring the provinces to fund the transition.


How Directive:

Be it resolved that:

  • Alberta Party will require residential heating to be sourced from:
    • Electrical Grid
    • De-carbonized alternative fuels
  • Alberta Party will partner with industry to repurpose existing residential natural gas pipelines for the distribution[1] of alternative fuels for residential heating.
  • Alberta Party will incentivize the conversion to zero-emission appliances.
  • Alberta Party will seek federal government funding for tax payers to transition to zero-emission appliances.


How Rationale:

  • It should be expected as a target for 2035 to be 25% converted.
  • It should be expected as a target for 2050 to be 100% converted.


[1] https://nh3fuelassociation.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/grigorii-soloveichik-ammonia-for-energy-storage-and-delivery-keynote-nh3fa2016.pdf