Draft Policy Statement - Alternative Fuels

Allen Schultz

February 19, 2022



Alternative Fuels


Need/Want Directive:

Whereas Alberta should supply alternate de-carbonized fuels for domestic and export consumption.


Need/Want Rationale:

  • Remote sites will require clean energy sources where building infrastructure out to those locations would be cost prohibitive.  These sites can be supplied using alternative fuels.
  • Oil and Gas infrastructure currently in place can be converted to supply alternative fuels.  This technology exists and does not require a lead time to research for it to be available.
  • Development of alternative fuel supply will quickly be demanded for exports.


How Directive:

Be it resolved that:

  • Alberta Party will partner with industry to develop a supply chain for de-carbonized alternative fuels such as:
    • H2 (Hydrogen)
    • NH3 (Ammonia)
  • Alberta Party will partner with industry to develop alternative fuel product infrastructure to distribute alternative fuel choices.
  • Alberta Party will seek funding for alternative fuel product infrastructure from the federal government’s zero emission initiative.


How Rationale:

  • Industry is already investing in "Blue Hydrogen" projects.
  • Infrastructure/supply chain will need to be put in place to distribute the alternative fuels.
  • There will be a need to champion funding from the federal government for alternative fuel infrastructure.