Alberta Crime Plan

Provincial Election Platform Policy

An Alberta Party government commits to expanding the roles of sheriffs to provide RCMP with more help so they can keep Albertans safe.

An Alberta Party Government would address crime by expanding the roles of Alberta Sheriffs. It would also improve funding to municipalities and first nations and improve how the court system functions.

Support the RCMP

  • An Alberta Party Government will commit to working with and supporting RCMP to provide sufficient services to ensure safety.

  • Work with the RCMP to expand the scope and funding of Alberta sheriffs to increase patrols, deliver summons, and support local enforcement activities. This frees up RCMP to address federal, inter-provincial and more serious crime.

Support Municipalities & First Nations

  • An Alberta Party Government will expedite the review of the Police Act and commit to a reevaluation of the Municipal Police Assistance Grant Program to ensure both are fair, equitable, and support local decision making.

  • Increase the share of cannabis revenues to be shared with municipalities for enforcement and treatment.

  • Support municipalities that want to work with their neighbours to expand its policing services.

  • Increase support to First Nations partners to address policing concerns.

Improve Access to Justice

  • Allocate $10 million to lift the prosecutor wage freeze for prosecutors outside of Edmonton and Calgary, and hire 25 additional crown prosecutors.

  • Work with the Federal Government to increase the pace of Queen’s Bench justice appointments to alleviate wait times.

  • Advocate for more Court of Queen’s Bench justice appointments to Grande Prairie.

  • Conduct a review of courthouse security to incorporate video in hearings.

  • Support Indigenous-led initiatives such as traditional healing practices.

  • Regulate paralegals and formalize their role in routine justice matters in order to make justice more accessible.

  • Increase financial support to Legal Aid Alberta by an additional $140 million over the next four years, doubling the existing NDP commitment.

  • Move routine matters to Justices of the Peace’ and arbiters to free up limited court time and reduce overall costs.

  • Introduce the Saskatchewan model of court scheduling to reduce the time front-line law enforcement officers spend in courtrooms or waiting for court proceedings and enable increased policing to deter crime.

Innovations in Policing

  • Rural Crime Innovation Fund to support law enforcement, municipalities, and entrepreneurs to:

    • Develop and trial new technologies improve response times and access to crime data.

    • Reduce wait times to access police service such as filing police reports.

    • More effectively schedule and deploy policing resources.

    • Explore northern climate autonomous monitoring and patrol technologies.

    • Identify and address organized rural crime.

  • Allocate an additional $5 million to fund provincial victim services units so they can provide the staffing levels required to assist victims of crime in rural areas.

  • Expedite the development of the Provincial Hate Crimes Unit.