Chris Tesarski's Profile

Chris Tesarski
Shadow Minister - Municipal Affairs

Mr. Tesarski is currently the Founder & CEO of solvAQUA Inc.

Upon graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies from what is now Ambrose University College (Calgary); Mr. Tesarski has had a career in the Energy and Cleantech Industries spanning over three decades. An excellent and frequent speaker, writer and communicator, Mr. Tesarski has used those skills to great benefit as he has had the opportunity to lead, shape and motivate companies to strategize and to grow with vision. With 30+ years experience, he has lent his expertise to numerous Energy Industry players.

He formed SANDBOX RESOURCE SOLUTIONS LLC in 2012 and in September 2012, he immigrated to Texas with his family to build SRS into a fully commercial oilfield wastewater solutions provider. Then in April 2015, SRS formed an exciting, new JV; CoResource Solutions LLC, which created a strong operational platform to move the commercial water treatment business forward.  After almost 5 years in Texas, and upon placing 2nd in the Governor’s Cleantech Awards with COLORADO CLEANTECH O&G OPEN in September 2016, CORE made the move to Denver in June 2017; where the company began to look with forward vision to developing and enhancing their reputation in the CLEANTECH side of the energy industry!

Upon returning to Calgary in 2017 and setting up HQ in Calgary, the company began a close partnership with EDC (Export Development Canada) and the CTCS (Canadian Trade Commission Service) to look at developing energy efficient, economic, and environmental water and waste treatment solutions globally. For the last several years, the company has focused primarily on municipal and regional partnerships. Bringing communities and industry together in an “industrial ecosystem” approach to infrastructure and enhancing living standards. Thus solvAQUA (SOLVING global water/waste issues) was born.

Mr. Tesarski has strong understanding of communities and infrastructure. What makes them work and what doesn’t. Traveling extensively around the globe, he has seen firsthand communities in decay but also communities being reborn in some of the most unlikely places. Often the “developing world” through necessity creates sustainable and lasting solutions that enhance communities, things we take for granted until it is too late. We cannot afford the luxury of continuing to look to the past in Alberta as the way forward. Alberta has the innovation, expertise and willpower to do better. To create an exciting, vibrant and innovative Province built on FORWARD THINKING Communities.

In the role of Shadow Minister for Municipal Affairs, Mr. Tesarski will constantly ensure that this Government is shown #ABCommunitiesMatter. Something that often seems to be forgotten in the race to slash and cut instead of challenge, incentivize and revitalize our communities to think with a #22ndCenturyAlberta and #22ndCenturyEconomy focus. Mr. Tesarski will do what he always has done, search for a collaborative, sustainable and forward thinking partnership with Alberta’s dynamic and diverse community leaders. That isn’t always an easy road, but if we are to be an Alberta of the future, it is the only road.

Not only an industry executive, Mr. Tesarski has for years lent his assistance to several community and arts organizations as a performer, patron, volunteer and Board Member. It has always been his personal philosophy that helping to build a better community in addition to  business endeavours makes business AND communities stronger.


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