Consistency and transparency essential from government

Alberta Party

May 19, 2021


Alberta Party calls for increased accountability, consistency, and transparency from government departments on health guidelines and restrictions.

Government being accountable to citizens is a bedrock principle of a free and open society. It is an especially important principle when we need to come together to decrease COVID case counts, while also maintaining mental well-being and protecting the economy.

Stories like this weekend’s cancelled drive-in movie theatre on Tsuu'tina Nation frustrate Albertans. They expect AHS to be open and transparent about health guidelines and restrictions, not bureaucratic rabbit holes that serve to confuse business owners and reduce trust and compliance. While the drive-in movie was eventually allowed, creating unneeded confusion and frustration is not the role of government. Clarity around future events is essential if Alberta is to hold events like the Calgary Stampede or Alberta Winter Games. They need clarity now so they can make decisions in the future. 

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske:

"Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been asking for more clarity from this government. Without absolute transparency, public trust is eroded, and sensible health restrictions are more likely to be ignored.

A culture of transparency starts at the top, and the Premier needs to be clear that Albertans have a right to clear, consistent, and timely information.

The stories we have heard about AHS being inconsistent in enforcement, unclear in explaining guidelines, and opaque with certain kinds of data have been a source of considerable frustration in an already trying time. The Premier must make this a priority."

The Alberta Party is calling for an increased focus on consistent and clear information from AHS and other government departments. The government must ensure that all AHS workers are given clear and consistent directives. Further, all health restrictions must be harmonized to reduce inconsistencies. The government cannot ignore the absurdity of allowing drive-in church services and restricting drive-in theatres, or allowing 15 people to attend church services but only ten to celebrate a marriage.

Albertans are smart enough to recognize unfair and inconsistent rules when they see them. AHS and the UCP Government must respond or risk losing all trust from Albertans.