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Cesar Agudelo

Cesar Agudelo

Law student with liberal leanings and centrist tendencies. Brand new blog about politics, culture and life.

Cesar Agudelo is living the Canadian dream: born in Colombia and educated in Canada since the age of 16, Cesar calls Calgary and Alberta his true home. Since he immigrated with his family, Cesar has been passionate about volunteering for community causes, like the improvement of English Language Learning in the K-12 system and access to justice for vulnerable populations. It is with this passion for improving his community that Cesar seeks the nomination to the Alberta Party’s Provincial Board of Directors.

Cesar’s experience includes community organization, policy and law, and campaigning. In 2015, he was the campaign manager for Kerry Cundal in Calgary Signal Hill. Since graduating from the University of Calgary, Cesar has worked with immigrant children and youth, temporary foreign workers and refugees. Cesar’s experience also involves helping workers access benefits and people with low-income access legal services through Calgary Legal Guidance Currently, Cesar studies law at the University of Calgary.

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