Casey Douglass's Profile

Casey Douglass

Casey was raised on family farm NE of Vulcan.  During school years, life was full of 4-H, community activities, sports, work, and student’s union activities.  At U of A, he studied agriculture, economics and rural sociology. In 1980, Casey took over the family farm and 3 years later married Dorothy, whom he had met at 4-H Club Week in Olds.  The odd winter, they would spend a couple of months doing short term missions in 3rd world countries.  1990, Casey sold the family farm and took some cross culture training before heading off to do missions full time.  

Irkutsk, Russia is where they learned the language while on a church plant team with others.  There, in 1995, they welcomed our only child, a 9-week old baby girl into our family. Nearly 2 years later, the adoption process was finally complete so they could leave Russia as a family.  This process, during Russia’s turbulent years of changing adoptions laws, seemed to prepare them for our next assignment in that country…

During 1998, Casey researched and developed a pilot farm project which found it’s home in Krasnodar province, the same province as Sochi.  Obtaining financing from US companies, they launched in 1999. This involved opening a company, importing modern equipment, hiring and training staff, negotiating contracts with Russian farms, along with operations in 4 provinces.  As is evident in Russia now, this project led by foreigners did not have a healthy business environment for success.

5 years later Casey and his family returned to Red Deer, where he worked at various jobs in agriculture, construction and oil patch.  In 2008, he opened a company in financial services which included investments, life insurance, and consulting. Since 2016, Casey has provided management services, mostly for a publicly traded company in the USA, as he also serves them as Chairman of the Board.  

Since 2016, when Canada brought in many Syrian refugees, Dorothy and Casey have spent much time with many families.  Visits and activities include multifamily BBQs in their back yard, winter and summer sports including camping.

During the summer, Casey especially enjoys water sports, while in the winter, cross country skiing is his favorite.  Red Deer upgraded the trails for the recent Canada Winter Games which makes skate skiing very enjoyable. Dorothy & Casey also enjoy traveling when they can.


Business Leader - Consultant for Start-Up Companies - Former Farmer
The Alberta Party