Carol-lynn Darch's Profile

Carol-lynn Darch

20 years ago, Carol-Lynn came to Calgary for what she thought would only be a couple of years. However, she was struck by how friendly the people of Calgary are, and it very quickly became home.

Carol-lynn is an information technology professional with a diverse background that spans over 20 years in both the private and government sectors. As a private contractor with the Federal Government, she has worked with stakeholders such as the Unisys GSG Canada, Royal Canadian Air Force along with extensive intergovernmental experience within a project to streamline and standardize Environmental Assessments within the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. Since moving to Calgary in 2001, Carol-lynn has worked in manufacturing and Alberta’s Oil & Gas industry on large-scale enterprise projects focusing on streamlining and standardizing processes, within Canada and the United States.  End goal; to provide accurate data analytics so key decisions can be made.

On a personal level, in 2014, Carol-lynn faced her greatest challenge with a Leukemia and Lymphoma diagnosis. Thankfully, she has been cancer free since March of 2015.  This experience has put a sharp focus on what really matters – strong connections with her children and building a future for them, for all of us.

Since the battling cancer, she began working hard to give girls the opportunities to explore identity, community and leadership through outdoor adventures regardless of socio-economic barriers. 

The solutions that Carol-lynn will advocate for are:

  • Streamlining patient wait times in hospitals while ensuring care is focused on the people.
  • Under-employment issues within Alberta need to be addressed as Albertans deserve jobs they trained for.
  • Education is of key importance. With an increase in neuro-diverse children, it is important to me that all children feel safe, have a quality education along with access to outdoor recreation.

As someone who has worked on the front lines of the Calgary- MacKay-Nose Hill MLA office, she has seen the challenges and lack of investment the system has for Albertans.

“All Albertans deserve investment. Our future deserves it, you deserve it, we are Alberta together.”


Business Analyst - Information Systems Professional - Independent Contractor
The Alberta Party