Alberta Party calls for moratorium on tanker traffic in St. Lawrence Seaway

Mark Taylor

January 25, 2019


January 25, 2019 (Edmonton) – With Bill C-48 coming into effect and restricting oil tanker traffic on the Northwest Coast of British Columbia, the Alberta Party is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to also declare a moratorium on oil tanker traffic in the St. Lawrence Seaway.

“We know the Government is concerned about ecologically sensitive areas, and species at risk, so we are asking that Western Canada’s protections be extended to the East Coast and specifically the St. Lawrence Seaway.

“The Beluga Whale is listed as an endangered species under the Species at Risk Act, and we think it is important that this resident population be protected from tanker traffic carrying crude from the Middle East,” said Mandel.

“We will be sending letters to the Prime Minister and Transport Minister expressing the desire to see these protections applied consistently across Canada, ensuring that all Canadians can have confidence that endangered species are being protected

“Protecting these areas from crude tanker traffic will both protect the species at risk and will also have the added benefit of making room for Western Canadian crude products to supply Canada’s energy needs. This will be win-win for the environment, the beluga whale, and the Canadian economy. We are hopeful that the federal government will agree and move expeditiously to enact this common-sense expansion of the Bill,” concluded Mandel. 

The Alberta Party is committed to Alberta, and to the values of prosperity, fiscal and social responsibility, environmental sustainability, accountable government, and strong communities.