Calgary-Bow Constituency Association

About Us

The Alberta Party in Calgary-Bow is a group of passionate local Canadians who want to build a strong, equitable, and inclusive Alberta in a diverse, and united Canada. We're a group of like-minded Albertans who are passionate about our community, our province, and Canada. We believe all Canadians, including newcomers, should be welcomed and included in our dialogue to build an Alberta for All of Us, based on our aspiration of inclusion and equity.

We will not sacrifice the well-being of people to satisfy budget pressures. Budgets and programs must work together in harmony. We believe there is a better way that is neither far right nor left. If you believe there's a better way, just like us, then connect with us and help us achieve our dreams for Alberta.

Contact Us

If you'd like to help us build the Alberta Party profile in the Calgary-Bow constituency, please contact us: [email protected]