Bill 81 And Alberta's Democracy

Alberta Party

December 08, 2021


Alberta Party Leader Barry Morishita and President Sue Timanson have issued the following statements regarding the passing of Bill 81 in the Alberta Legislature:

“The reason I joined the Alberta Party in the first place is because I value the ethical, responsible, and transparent upholding of our democratic values in this province. What we saw in the Legislature on December 7th as MLAs debated Bill 81 was a shameful disregard for the basic principles of our governing system. It is not right in any way for someone to purchase another person’s membership in a political party without their express consent. In our current two-party state, it becomes clearer every day why more diverse voices are needed in the Legislature.

“Elected officials, especially when reviewing legislation governing elections, must keep Albertans’ interests in mind and not their own or those of their party. Better yet, processes should be examined so that changes to election processes could come from independent bodies that are less susceptible to political influences. As we approach the 2023 provincial election, the Alberta Party will examine a range of policy options and present the best ideas to Albertans so that we may restore faith in our democracy, for the good of us all.”

-   Barry Morishita

“One of the Alberta Party’s 6 Guiding Principles is Democracy, specifically:

We believe that public business should be conducted in public. Government should ensure that the legislative process is open, fair, transparent and inclusive of the people it governs. Our government should foster debate, actively engage citizens, and make itself accountable to the people it serves.

“Recognizing the reality highlighted by Bill 81, the Alberta Party as a political organization is committed to ensuring that informed political engagement is upheld and that memberships are not purchased without the consent of the person whose name will be attached to that membership. The Board will work with the Executive Director to find ways to further strengthen our membership purchasing process so that we stay true to our values and principles, and remain accountable to our membership and Albertans.”

-   Sue Timanson


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