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Beth Barberree

Beth is a successful small business owner, operating a therapeutic massage clinic that has helped many of you recover from injury and remain healthy and active. She has been serving the communities in Calgary-Varsity since she moved to Calgary in 2000.

A graduate of the University of Calgary, Beth has extensive experience working with both provincial and national nonprofit organizations in a wide range of senior leadership roles.

Completing a Masters degree in Leadership has prepared Beth for the intricacies of working in government.

“It’s important to recognize that every decision that is made affects other areas. Seeing the bigger picture is critical to making responsible, pragmatic decisions.”

Beth ran for the Alberta Party in 2015 in Calgary-Hawkwood. She was initially inspired by former Leader, Greg Clark in 2014.

Hearing Greg address a room of people, I got the sense that he sincerely cared about making this province a better place for all of us. And I found myself coming to believe that there might be hope for a rational government after all!

During the recent Alberta Party Leadership Contest, Beth was honoured to serve as MLA Rick Fraser’s campaign manager. Her experience of working closely with the Alberta Party’s newest MLA cemented her commitment to launching her own campaign.

I see the clever work that our 3 MLAs are doing for their constituents and our province and I want to be part of that. Hearing Rick Fraser share his experiences in the Legislature, I came to understand how much room there truly is for increased efficiency and volume of work to be done in government. I want to help do that work!

Beth sees the need for government to be responsive to ensure sustainability of our essential services.

My parents are over 70 now, and I’m concerned about how they’ll be supported. I think we’re in trouble if the current NDP government continues to be reckless with our financial resources, and equally so if the UCP makes short sighted reactive cuts inconsiderate of longer term consequences.

Beth recognizes that Calgary-Varsity is a made up of established communities, whose hard-working residents clearly take pride in where they live. She understands that you need an MLA who offers common sense solutions that are informed both by good research and her constituents; someone who will advocate for prudent and wise government spending while ensuring our most vulnerable people are supported.

Born and raised in small town Alberta, Beth’s haven is her garden. She prioritizes spending time with her loving and supportive fiancé and two amazing step-kids. Whenever possible, she also tries to get out onto the squash court or golf course.


Business Owner - Masters in Leadership - Health & Wellness Advocate
The Alberta Party