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Beth Barberree


Beth is an entrepreneur, community volunteer, and advocates for a strong nonprofit sector. As your MLA, she will put her dedication and passion to work, bringing your voices from Calgary-Varsity to the Alberta Legislature.

I’ve been knocking on your doors since last June and have already met many of you! I’ve heard and share your frustration with the polarization that we hear all too often in Alberta politics. We need to do better!

A graduate of the University of Calgary, Beth also has a master’s degree in health leadership from Royal Roads University. She has worked in senior board roles with both provincial and national nonprofit organizations and appreciates the complexity of government decision making.

With a long career in adjunct healthcare, Beth realizes our essential services need evaluation as well as investment. With a truly unique perspective on the healthcare system, she will explore problems with insight, and has the courage to ask difficult questions and seek innovative solutions.

Currently, the government has both a revenue and a spending problem. Albertans are in trouble if our current government continues to grow our debt. And equally so if the UCP is empowered to make short-sighted, reactive cuts that fail to be considerate of longer-term consequences.

As a small business owner, Beth felt the effects of a Calgary economy dependent on the oil and gas sector, yet she was strategic and navigated these cycles successfully.

As your MLA, I’ll offer common sense solutions informed both by good research and my constituents. I believe government needs to be both responsive and visionary to get our economy back on track. We need to ensure the sustainability of our essential services. And I’ll advocate for prudent and wise government spending while safeguarding our most vulnerable people. I’m tired of decision-making based on the electoral cycle.

Inspired by former Alberta Party Leader, Greg Clark, Beth ran for the Alberta Party in the last election in the riding of Calgary-Hawkwood.

When I first heard Greg speak about his desire to become an MLA, I could tell that he sincerely cared about making this province a better place. I realized that government could be rational, and that politics could be done differently. Under an Alberta Party government, I’m confident that it will be!

Beth is firm in her belief that the Alberta Party is the right future for our province. She sees the promise of a balanced approach to governing, where decision making is based on core values and principled leadership rather than on ideology and ego.

We’ve got a lot of work to do! Government needs to find efficiencies and be accountable to the citizens of Alberta. I want to put my experience, knowledge, and commitment to work for you in the Legislature.

Born and raised in small-town Alberta, Beth’s haven is her garden. She also treasures every moment she spends with her loving, supportive husband and two amazing step-kids.


Business Owner - Masters in Leadership - Health & Wellness Advocate
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