Avinash Khangura's Profile

Avinash Khangura

Avinash Khangura was born on August 15, 1970. Avinash obtained his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering in India before coming to Canada. Avinash immigrated to Canada in 1995 and has been working hard within the community ever since. He had volunteered a significant amount of time at the Dashmesh Culture Centre Sikh Temple and had worked many different positions such as the secretary position, director in the board of trustees, and was also the Senior Vice President. Furthermore, Avinash
had contributed to the Council of Sikh Organization (COSO) Calgary as the president of the organization.

Avinash also volunteered in the Whitehorn Community Association and served as the director for one term. Avinash has lived in Northeast Calgary all his life and worked many jobs, including some for the City of Calgary, Real Estate, and Construction as a home builder. In terms of political work, Avinash has been working in the community for many years in many different successful Federal and Municipal campaigns and had shown his leadership qualities throughout. Avinash will have a very strong voice coming into this election as he is a team player and a strong leader within the community.


Real Estate Associate - Former Transit Operator - Degree in Mechanical Engineering
The Alberta Party