Anju Sharma is a business leader, community volunteer and proud mother of three wonderful children.

Anju, who holds a masters degree in Political Science, has considerable business experience. As a high-level planner and strategic account manager for multiple successful stone corporations, she has built a reputation for being fair but direct in her ability to create positive and successful business initiatives. She is running to help restore investor confidence in our province and help small businesses succeed and thrive.

Though passionate on many social issues, one of the driving forces behind Anju’s candidacy is removing barriers for women in their fight for social and political equality. Further, as a mother herself, she is keenly aware of the pressures that families face during this harsh economic climate. For these Albertans, Anju seeks to give hope and take action to help create a better Alberta for all.

Anju is also driven to help and support our province’s aging population. Anju believes that our senior citizens have often been forgotten and, with their numbers growing, will be needing the support of government more than ever. Advocating on their behalf is a duty Anju takes very seriously.

Anju and her family believe in the value of hard work and understanding the value of a dollar. Like the hard working people of Edmonton-Mill Woods, she strongly supports prudent spending decisions that would not push the province further into debt. Her philosophy - that the future of our communities are at stake when we ignore the balance between taxation and spending - is a message she wants to bring to the Legislature. Meaningful and responsible financial planning is at the heart of her campaign.

Lastly, Anju is a proud Canadian and recognizes that the work of government must be taken on by honourable people. From her experiences in India, she knows what can happen when a government is not held accountable for their actions. In this way, Anju is dedicated to bringing informed, timely and honest representation to the people of Edmonton-Mill Woods.

Masters Political Science - Community Volunteer - Senior Account Manager