Andrew Bradley is a hardworking husband and father who has worked on projects for both the public and private sectors of Alberta. For the last 6 years he has worked as an electrical and instrumentation superintendent overseeing projects in the oil and gas industry North of Fort McMurray, and before that as an electrician in Calgary.

Andrew was born and raised in Calgary and is part of the fifth generation of his family to call Alberta home. Like his father before him, He has a long history of community involvement and volunteering that have allowed him to work with the wonderful and diverse people that make our province great. It is his hope to work alongside and on behalf of all Albertans to make sure each and every one of us has the opportunity to succeed.

With a background working in the trades, Andrew has seen the devastation of our slowing economy and how it has affected thousands of Albertans who have lost their jobs. Many of these people continue to struggle to find work in their fields and are finding themselves increasingly unable to provide for their families. He believes that sustainable and good jobs need to be brought back now. Many Albertans cannot afford to wait out the long and slow recovery we have seen thus far.

Andrew is extremely passionate about our education system. With two daughters attending public school, he has seen how hard our teachers and staff work to ensure our kids have the best education possible. Education is fundamental to a successful society and must be properly funded and managed to ensure not only a strong Alberta today, but a stronger Alberta for future generations.

Andrew is committed to advocating for all Albertans and ensuring their voices are heard. A better Alberta today means a better Alberta tomorrow; and Andrew knows that with hard work, dedication and the willingness to work with others we can achieve something great that benefits all of us.

Instrumentation Superintendent - Journeymen Red-Seal Electrician - Project Manager
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