Ali Haymour's Profile

Ali Haymour

I was born and raised in north Edmonton.  I’m proud to serve my community as an Alberta Sheriff.  I’m an avid volunteer, community advocate, and proud to be a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces.  I have a wonderful wife and two lovely children, and I want them to enjoy the Edmonton I remember… a safe, vibrant city filled with enthusiasm and pride.

Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in History and a Minor in Sociology.  Former Small Business Owner.

Volunteered in areas such as,

- The Edmonton City Advisory Group, Vehicle for Hire Committee.
- YMCA, Organized Volleyball Tournament.
- Special Olympics.
- City of Edmonton Spring/Summer garbage pickup for the Oxford/Hudson Communities.
- CASA Homes, Child Adolescent and Family Mental Health Services.
- Alberta Heritage Days Festivals.
- The Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch for the Oxford/Hudson Communities

My Priorities as the Edmonton Decore Candidate include:

SPEND MONEY WISELY - We know your own budget is pushed to the limit. We will work hard to balance the provincial budget and reduce spending. We will keep an eye on borrowing and keep taxation under control. We will eliminate government waste, senseless programs, uncontrolled spending and inefficiency.

GET FAIR PRICE FOR ALBERTA OIL - Albertans are losing millions of dollars every month because we do not have an effective way to sell our oil. The world still needs Alberta oil, and we need pipelines to reach the lucrative markets that could put billions of dollars back into Alberta.

CREATE QUALITY CAREERS - Alberta needs quality jobs with benefits, good salary, and potential for advancement. We don’t need any more burger flipping jobs! Our province can become a world leader in medical research, agriculture and food products, and computer science. We need a government that will foster business and attract successful companies to the province.

PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT - Our clean air, pure water and untouched wilderness are priceless assets. We intend to keep them that way. We will make sure that industries and corporations follow strict rules regarding emissions and waste. We will look at renewable energy options to reduce emissions.


Sheriff - Arts Degree - Community Leader
The Alberta Party