Alex Luterbach began her career as a sales analyst with Nestle Canada after graduating from the University of Lethbridge. Alex’s drive to have a positive impact on her community led her to open a small business educating young children and supporting young families while maintaining her career in the corporate world. Her passion and advocacy for high-quality early childhood education is evident through the start-up of her company and the resulting connections families have made together in the Airdrie community. 

 Her extensive volunteer work with not-for-profit organizations has given Alex the opportunity to connect with the rich diversity of Alberta’s communities. Through these experiences, Alex has developed a desire to make sure that every Albertan has the opportunity to achieve financial independence. Alex is committed to the social programming that fosters the strong, vibrant communities that make up our province.


Born and raised in Alberta, Alex, her wife, and newborn son look forward to sharing all that this beautiful province has to offer. For Alex, the newfound joy of parenthood has impressed the importance of taking action now to ensure this province continues to be the best that Canada has to offer. Alex was drawn to the Alberta Party because of their commitment to ensuring Albertans are taken care of today, without sacrificing the future opportunities and successes of our children.

Small Business Owner - Early Childhood Educator - Community Volunteer