Albertans Need Updated Vaping Rules

The Alberta Party calls for a new approach to vape products in Alberta that recognizes the unknown risks and high rate of use by youth, while not discouraging the use of vape products by those who use it as an aid to stop smoking.


To do this, the Alberta Party proposes a series of new regulations regarding vape products in Alberta:

  • Institute a 20% tax on all nicotine vaping products;
  • Establish 18 as the minimum legal age for purchasing vape products;
  • Mandate that nicotine vape products can only be sold in licensed vape and tobacco retailers;
  • Regulate the marketing and advertising of nicotine vape products in the same manner as nicotine products;
  • Align vape product packaging with that of nicotine products - they must be sold in plain packaging with health warning labels;
  • Require that vape products cannot be openly displayed and must be kept out of plain sight, like nicotine products; and
  • Regulate the amount of nicotine that is in vape pods and liquids to a mandatory 20 milligrams per milliliter (similar to British Columbia)

In order to ensure that dangerous black market products do not proliferate, the Alberta Party will not call for a ban on flavoured vape products.

Portions of the new tax revenue would be used to support smoking mitigation programs, public education concerning the known health risks and new regulations, and AHS treatment of those affected by vape products. 

Shadow Minister of Health, Glenn Andersen:

“When a new tobacco product enters the market, it is the Government’s job to assess the impact on public health. These products are no different. Until all health risks are known, the safest thing to do is treat these products as more well-known tobacco products. This is especially true for our youth.”

The current regulation regime is not working. Future risks demand action now.

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact

Mathew Preston

Chief Strategist


The Alberta Party