Alberta producers should not be penalized for adhering to Canadian values

Albertans have been let down by subsequent governments in Ottawa.

The Harper Government - which included Premier Kenney - crafted an equalization formula that has failed to treat provincial resources equally. This unjust reality has created anger across the prairies. 

Meanwhile, the Trudeau Government has passed legislation that targets Alberta’s ability to get its product to market, and inserts the federal government into provincial jurisdiction with regards to the development of new energy projects.

National unity and our province’s prosperity are at risk. 

With this in mind, the Alberta Party is glad to see Alberta’s Conservative Cabinet working with its federal Liberal counterparts. Partisan politics have their place, but now that the election is over, it is time to put that animosity on the backburner. Our country works best when provinces are allowed to pursue their interests with the support of the federal government.

We hope to see action taken on Premier Kenney’s requests. It is especially important that we receive a concrete timeline on the Trans Mountain expansion’s construction, and regulatory assurances that Bill C-69 will not end resource development in Canada.

Alberta doesn’t need handouts from the federal government. We need to be empowered to create our own prosperity. We deserve fair access to energy markets.

However, Premier Kenney’s requests miss the mark on some important needs for Alberta. Albertans share the Liberal Government’s commitment to protecting our environment. Ensuring Alberta oil gets to the Canadian market accomplishes this.

Alberta has some of the most stringent environmental, safety, and human rights requirements in the world. Almost no other oil producing country can compare. We are proud that our energy is the most ethical energy in the world.

However, even within our own country, Alberta competes against foreign producers. These producers have much lower standards of protections for workers, communities and the environment. Eastern Canada benefits from these low standards by getting a discount on foreign-produced energy.

The Alberta Party again calls on our provincial leaders: we must demand change. When selling to Canadians, Alberta producers should not be penalized for adhering to Canadian values.

The Alberta Party again calls for an immediate $2 surtax on each barrel of foreign-produced oil that is imported into Canada if that oil does not meet Canada’s stringent standards for environmental protection, human rights and respect for the rule of law. 

The Alberta Party further calls for a made-in-Canada certification process that would ensure international oil producers meet stringent Canadian environmental standards – a certification they would be required to pay for – if they want to avoid the surtax.
Alberta is filled with hard working, entrepreneurial, and smart people. It also has some of the best natural resources in the world. We don’t want a handout. We don’t even need a hand up. We just need the ability to compete on an even playing field.

A fair deal for Alberta must include requiring foreign producers to adhere to Canadian standards or pay up.

The Alberta Party