Alberta Party supports call for resignation of Shannon Phillips

Jennifer Metituk

January 10, 2019


January 10, 2019 (Edmonton) – Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel is supporting the calls for the resignation of Environment Minister Shannon Phillips after the bungled consultations process and walking back a misleading statement about threat levels and the engagement of RCMP related to the consultations.

“A process that has been more insult than consult, Minister Phillips came to the Bighorn area with a prescriptive option and tried to dress it up as public consultations,” said Mandel.

“The government has the resources to ensure meaningful dialogue and consultations occur. Predictably, those who will be impacted became concerned and started to voice that concern. 

“Being a cabinet minister, you must be prepared to face and answer tough questions. While intimidation or harassment are not acceptable, misleading the public as to the level of threat and the involvement of the RCMP affects the credibility of Ms. Phillips as a cabinet minister and she no longer has the confidence of the Alberta Party to be able to execute the duties attached to her role, and as such she must resign immediately,” concluded Mandel.

The Alberta Party is committed to Alberta, and to the values of prosperity, fiscal and social responsibility, environmental sustainability, accountable government, and strong communities.