Alberta Party makes life easier for Albertans with digital identification


March 31, 2019


March 24, 2019 - Edmonton, AB - No more fumbling in your wallet to find your ID. An Alberta Party-led government will move to the 21st Century by introducing one provincial picture Identification Card for government services. This would replace the current jumble of plastic and paper identification for health care, drivers’ licenses, provincial ID and the Alberta WIN Card. The plan is to also launch a digital government identification app with a portal to allow Albertans more flexibility when presenting ID.

Stephen Mandel, Leader of the Alberta Party: “My paper AHS card is a daily reminder Alberta is still using solutions from the 1970s. It’s time to start living in the present by consolidating identification for government licensing and access to services. Digital identity is commonplace. If we don’t develop or modernize, we’ll simply be left behind.”

The Alberta Party is committed to creating innovative environments, which operate more efficiently along with being more cost effective.

Winston Leung, Candidate for Edmonton-West Henday: “Albertans are already using secure digital identification in their everyday lives. Why not with government identification? There’s a real opportunity here in Alberta to lead the country. Jurisdictions around the world such as Iowa and Louisiana are already implementing digital identification in some form.”