Alberta Party Concerned About Implementation of MacKinnon Report

Today's MacKinnon Report released by Premier Kenney and the UCP Government continues to highlight a fiscal reality we are all facing, one at odds with the spending of our governments. 

Today, Albertans were told that they will have to shoulder the burden that both Conservative and NDP governments created.

If the government chooses to implement all of the report’s recommendations they will be placing short-term financial stability above the health and well-being of Albertans' future prosperity. Balanced budgets and reducing our debt are important to that future, but doing them on the backs of frontline services, post-secondary students or young families will not grow our human capital for the economy of tomorrow. 

The Alberta Party and its members support the spirit of the process of identifying areas where we are able to innovate in service delivery, reduce unnecessary redundancies and find efficiencies. On the other hand, the Blue Ribbon Panel focused only on cutting, and did not look at our province’s revenue.

“We hope the common-sense recommendations that lower our debt and deficit without hurting everyday Albertans are followed through on. Recommendations such as number 25, which mandates a fixed budget date, and 26, requiring a financial review prior to an election, both provide real world value and would help to create stability for Albertans and certainty for investors.” says Conrad Guay, President of the Alberta Party.

“Many of the recommendations will come down to execution and avoiding the unintended consequences of placing too much burden on municipalities and taxpayers. This is especially true for rural areas where services are more expensive due to lower population density. We must support the areas that produce the resources that ensure our prosperity.” 

“We have concerns where some recommendations see us heading. We think rising tuition, restricted spending on capital projects and unstable funding for municipalities are short-sighted in the bigger picture of Alberta’s successes in the future.

The Alberta Party will continue to advocate for a balanced approach to spending, while creating innovative opportunities to increase provincial revenue. That means not simply raising taxes, but growing our economy and making revenue streams more efficient. We have consistently shown this prudence through our Shadow Budgets prepared annually and posted online for review.


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