Alberta Party Caucus leading the way - Update

Jennifer Metituk

December 02, 2018


If you have been following this session of the legislature, you know that the Alberta Party Caucus has been punching above its weight on the issues that matter to Albertans.

Our caucus worked hard to hold the government to account on why performance measures continue to slide in healthcare, despite record levels of spending. 

We were the first to propose production cuts to address the growing price differential for our energy products, and this week continued to lead the charge demanding the government take action.

Our caucus knows that Albertans want solutions instead of constant bickering, and we will continue to lead the way in pressing for solutions.

With the price of a barrel of oil hovering around ten dollars, our province needs to take immediate action to shrink the price differential.

Two weeks ago, Alberta Party MLA Greg Clark called for temporary production cuts to boost the price of oil, and this week saw a growing consensus from business leaders and other opposition parties that it is the right option for Alberta.

You can read our calls for production curtailment here and here

Healthcare is one of the most important services that the provincial government provides, and it also accounts for half of the provincial budget. Albertans need to be able to count on quality, accessible healthcare.

That's why it was so concerning to see that Alberta is getting worse on delivery of key health services. With our per-capita health spending the highest in the country, Albertans have a right to know why we aren't getting the best care.