Alberta Party Calls on Government to Work with Communities on Infrastructure

A novel way to fund infrastructure in La Crete shows the opportunities available to communities if new and unique abilities are granted by the provincial government. 

Last week, the government announced a toll would be charged to help pay for a new bridge across the Peace River. The plan to replace the seasonal ferry was developed by those who needed the crossing. Local farmers have faced a long drive and increased costs to get their product to market. This is a win-win and is a good example of finding unique funding models to build our communities and shows what we can do when we all collaborate.

The UCP government has made fighting municipalities a cornerstone of its time in power, but this decision shows that they can work with communities to build a better Alberta. The Alberta Party calls on the provincial government to do more to empower municipalities.

Jacquie Fenske, Acting Leader of the Alberta Party: “The toll bridge across the Peace River is just one example of ways that we can use to empower our communities and develop novel ways of funding infrastructure projects without relying on property taxes. The Alberta Party applauds this move, and calls on the government to do more. The ability to sell community bonds, strengthening co-operatives, and ensuring that municipalities can raise revenues are important ways the province can ensure our municipal partners can do what is best for their communities.”

A core value of the Alberta Party is that municipalities are partners, and that local government is the most efficient, effective, and responsive to the needs of their constituents. Municipalities have been asking for new and unique ways of building their communities. The provincial government must listen to these calls and work with our provincial partners. Effective solutions are developed through dialogue and partnership.

The Alberta Party