Alberta Party Calls for Leadership

The Alberta Party commends Premier Kenney on his media availability yesterday.

Like all Albertans, we don't have the data needed to weigh his announcements for ourselves. However, we recognize the difficult task Cabinet faces in protecting the health of Albertans while also minimizing economic harm.

During this current crisis, Alberta requires a leader who is transparent, visible, and accountable. Albertans deserve to hear real talk about the many challenges they are facing.

As Albertans once again face restrictions on their actions, the Premier and his caucus have undermined their own efforts. The Premier and Health Minister were radio silent as Alberta faced nation-leading case increases. Meanwhile, UCP Ministers and MLAs spread misinformation about the pandemic. Jason Kenney has given Albertans reason to question information and worry about their loved ones.

Jacquie Fenske, Acting Leader of the Alberta Party: “Albertans need correct and timely information. That means speaking against misinformation spread by caucus members, and it means providing the data that has led to these decisions. These new measures are necessary to ensure our public health system is not overwhelmed. However, enforcing restrictions on private gatherings requires trust and transparency.”

Transparent government is a core value of the Alberta Party. Transparency demands visible, honest leadership.

Recent news about vaccines provides us with light at the end of the tunnel for this pandemic. Families and businesses still face months of hard times. Albertans are resilient - our province will endure and recover. Now more than ever, we need strong leadership.

The Alberta Party