Alberta Party calls for surtax on foreign oil imported into Canada

Mark Taylor

December 07, 2018


December 7, 2018 (Edmonton) – The Alberta Party is asking Alberta Premier Rachel Notley to deliver a message to Eastern Canada at the start of tomorrow’s First Ministers Conference in Montreal: “Stop Eastern Canada from giving preferential treatment to foreign oil from ethically-questionable foreign regimes with dubious human rights records – or pay the price.” 

The Alberta Party today called for an immediate $2 surtax on each barrel of foreign-produced oil that is imported into Canada if that oil does not meet Canada’s stringent standards for environmental protection, human rights and respect for the rule of law. 

The Alberta Party further called for a made-in-Canada certification process that would ensure international oil producers meet stringent Canadian environmental standards – a certification they would be required to pay for – if they want to avoid the surtax.

“It’s a double standard – plain and simple,” said Alberta Party leader Stephen Mandel. “Eastern Canada says it won’t accept Alberta oil because of their environmental standards – yet they don’t hold foreign producers to the same requirements. It’s hypocrisy and frankly, they should be called on it.” 

Mandel said the import surtax needs to be collected into a dedicated account – not lost in general federal government revenue – and redirected as Ottawa’s share to help pay for the thousands of rail cars that will be required to deliver Alberta-produced oil and agricultural products to domestic and international markets. 

The Alberta Party is committed to Alberta, and to the values of prosperity, fiscal and social responsibility, environmental sustainability, accountable government, and strong communities. The Alberta Party was the first to call for temporary oil production cuts in November 2018.