Alberta Party Calls for Changes to Bill 48

The Alberta Party calls on the government to remove troubling sections of Bill 48. In its current form, the bill reduces some red tape at the expense of the freedom of municipal leaders to build their communities. 

 Bill 48 has elements that the Alberta Party supports, primarily the liberalization of labour mobility. However, in the interests of open and transparent government, and in direct contradiction of democratic principles, this bill takes away the power of municipal leaders to make decisions and provide services that their constituents ask of them.

Jacquie Fenske, Acting Leader of the Alberta Party: 

“By preventing municipal leaders from asking developers to provide land for parks and schools in new communities, provisions in Bill 48 handcuffs their ability to grow their communities and plan for the future. This hobbles our communities while shortchanging our kids.

This bill pledges to reduce red tape. A laudable goal. But instead it does to municipalities what Ottawa does to Alberta. It tells those people serving closest to their communities that politicians in Edmonton know better the needs of their communities than those who live closest to their constituents."

Reducing red tape will help our small businesses grow and thrive. Dictating to elected municipal leaders will starve our communities of services that they need to grow. The Alberta Party fundamentally believes that municipalities are partners and are best placed to know what their communities need. The provincial government should empower communities, not dictate. 

The Alberta Party