Alberta Party and the Arts

The Alberta Party stresses the importance of Arts and Culture as an important tool to help fund Alberta's future and enhance the standard of living for all Albertans.

The Arts and Culture industry is an important economic driver, an industry that is often ignored when talking economic diversification. Just last week, a report from West Anthem estimated that the music industry alone contributed $2.1B to Alberta’s economy in 2017. The film industry in Alberta is also a major economic driver, but more can be done. That is why we propose lifting the cap on tax credits for those employing Albertans to film and edit, and expand the system of credits to other digital industries, like gaming and post-production.


Arts and Culture, though, is about more than money. Albertans are the hardest working of Canadians, and we play hard too. While the pandemic has limited our ability to gather and share music, art, and theatre, the importance of these activities has not gone away. The desire of Albertans to attend plays and concerts – and create them – will never die.


Jacquie Fenske, Acting Leader of the Alberta Party: “The Alberta Party has one focus. Make life better for all Albertans. By by including the Arts and Culture industry in our focus, we can diversify our economy, create a more prosperous Alberta, and enable an Alberta that is fun, energetic, and encourage Albertans to engage with their communities.”

Albertans are better served by more voices, in and out of the Legislature. The Alberta Party is focused on ensuring Albertans know that they have an option. Our values are values all Albertans share, and by supporting Arts and Culture and other economic drivers to fund Alberta’s future, we are showing that the Alberta Party understands the importance of creativity, freedom of speech and expression, and community, all in the name of having fun and growing our economy.

The Alberta Party