Alberta Needs Options

The Alberta Party welcomes today’s decision by the Supreme Court of Canada to prevent further delays of the Trans Mountain pipeline. However, Alberta needs more options if it is to have a thriving oil and gas industry in the decades to come.

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske:

“Albertans should rightly celebrate today’s court decision, but we all realize more needs to be done. KeystoneXL’s continuing legal difficulty in the United States shows that we need options. Rail access to Alaska, a renewed Energy East, and a pipeline to Churchill all need to be explored.” 

The Irving refinery on the east coast is using Alberta oil, but shipping it through the Panama Canal. Canada is blessed with a deep-water port close to the European market in Churchill, but our energy exporters have no access. We are surrounded by opportunity, and need only the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of Albertans to seize it.

The Alberta Party calls on the province to move more aggressively in promoting multiple avenues for the export of our oil and gas resources. But we cannot rest there.

The Alberta economy is about more than oil and gas, and while we ensure that the industry remains strong and world-leading, we must look to our future. That is why the Alberta Party has developed a plan to empower small businesses and ensure industries like agriculture, tourism, digital media and the arts are set up for success.

The Alberta Party