AGM Board Nominees

Beth Bell

St. Albert

I retired in 2004 this has allowed me to pursue a variety of interests including politics.  Prior to retirement, I was a nursing manager responsible for the organization and administration of nursing units and patient care clinics.  I was also a Nursing Officer in the Royal Air Force.  The skills I gained in these positions have been used in a variety of political campaigns since 2004.  This has given me people skills

I have the experience, skills, and knowledge to be a positive factor in the coming campaign and I am willing to make the time to do this. I would be a useful addition to the executive

I am a lifelong conservative but I am a centrist also and I believe in the principles of the Alberta Party.


Danisha Bhaloo

Edmonton-Whitemud (Incumbent)

Danisha was raised in Edmonton and has been involved with many local organizations. Currently, she is the Fund Development Manager with Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton. 

In a volunteer capacity, she is a Member of the University of Alberta Senate, Vice-Chair of the Edmonton John Howard Society Board of Directors, and a National Member of the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board of Canada. She has been involved in the Alberta Party as a Provincial Board Member, President of the Edmonton-Whitemud CA, and Lead for the Leaning In: Supporting Women in the Alberta Party Initiative.

Some of her past activities include being Chairperson of the Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board of Edmonton, President of the Youth Restorative Action Project, World Partnership Walk Deputy Convenor of Marketing, the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers' RISE Awards Jury Member, and a Make Something Edmonton community member. 

Danisha has been recognized for her contributions to the community by the Government of Alberta, University of Alberta, Avenue Magazine, Edmontonians' Magazine and Correctional Services of Canada.


Hans Bjorkman

Edmonton-City Centre

Hans Bjorkman is a stakeholder engagement specialist, entrepreneur, and fundraiser with several years experience in Alberta's energy and environment sectors. With a longstanding passion for building vibrant communities and a strong Alberta economy, Hans set out early in his career to engage diverse oil and gas stakeholders around many of the most pressing issues in our province.

In 2016, Hans doubled his efforts and co-founded Newo Global Energy, a social enterprise supporting energy development and skills training in rural and indigenous communities. More recently, Hans expanded his expertise to include a strong knowledge of the non-profit sector. During his involvement with Canadian charity, Swim Drink Fish, Hans managed the organization's prairie region programs and helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to ensure that people young and old can enjoy the natural wonders of our local rivers and lakes.

Hans is a trained mediator and received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Alberta Augustana Campus. As a proud Alberta Party volunteer and former Students' Association president, Hans brings forward a history of positive, action-oriented politics bolstered by the same ethic of hard work and dedication that earned him the University of Alberta Augustana Athlete of the Year Award. In his spare time, Hans enjoys taking his three young children hiking and canoeing in local parks.


Griffin Brown


My name is Griffin Brown and I am running for a seat on the Provincial Board at the 2018 AGM. I am running for this position to work with the provincial board members and regional organizers, to dramatically increase our engagement with the youth of Alberta. The decisions that a government makes can have effects that impact generations of Albertans. Shouldn’t the young people of our province have a say in the future we will create for them?

I want the Alberta Party to be the party that really looks to the future. The party that gives the next generation hope that this province is one they can grow and thrive in. To achieve this vision, I want to engage with young people, including those in high schools and universities, to get them to join and volunteer with our party. I will also promote the creation of an Alberta Party Youth Policy Platform, providing the opportunity for the youth of our province to tell us the kind of province they want to live in.

I graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a B.A. in Political Science in 2016. I have been volunteering with the Alberta Party for over a year; door knocking, volunteering at events and working as the policy director in two campaigns in Calgary. I hope you will vote for me at the AGM and work with me to make this a party for future generations.

Let’s truly make this A Party for All of Us.


Anthony Castillo


My name is Anthony Castillo, I was born and raised in Lethbridge, and I’m currently at the University taking a dual major in Accounting and Economics with a minor in Social Responsibility. Although I have always been interested in politics, my physical involvement in politics has been a more recent engagement. I have given my best at any task I am given to ensure the best job is done as the work I do not only affects myself but the community of Lethbridge.

I currently serve for and helped create a High School Conference for Model United Nations for Southern Alberta. This project is one the highlights of my time in University as it has taught me how important it is for a team to be connected for any task to be successfully done. It gives me a chance to be able to talk to people coming out of high school, to see their views on what is going on around them and guide them on ways to address those concerns. And I believe having these connections can help advance the party in connecting with the future voters of Alberta.

I am running for a director position for the Alberta Party Board because I believe the Alberta Party is the future of Alberta where there is a balance of spending and maintaining programs Albertans need. A Party that does what needs to be done to keep Alberta working and successful. And a Party building its self to become the next Government of Alberta.


Perry Chahal

Edmonton-North West

Perry Chahal is known as an "out-of-the-box disrupter" he has worked with top political and bureaucratic offices in Canada, leading major local, provincial, national and global transitions.

Chahal architected and lead many contributions towards the best interest of Albertans.  This includes (yet not limited to):  Creating the architecture mainframes for the First Online Polling System in Canada that was used for the 2001 Edmonton Civic Election. Redefining the medical interdisciplinary clinic approach by setting up the first Medical Centre Business Startup in Alberta, where he taught MDs on how to successfully open clinics and is responsible for helping more than twenty non-corporate owned clinics open in Alberta. In addition when the Government of Alberta faced a shortage he created a company that openly educated foreign doctors and recruited them from around the world with a success rate better than the government (at the time;) Chahal, has worked globally with DFAIT and the Alberta Foreign Offices to open market access for several startup companies that have established Canadian (Alberta) Innovation abroad.

Chahal has a deep understanding of urban, rural and aboriginal communities and was recognized by the Four Nations for his support in their health and wellness and received a three-thousand signature petition to be nominated to The Canadian Senate. Chahal humbly declined as he wished to stay active with the upbringing of their four school-aged children with his wife who is an elementary school teacher.

Presently, Perry is a tech startup contributor with several online companies and is a University Lecturer who teaches Digital Entrepreneurship, Communications & Business here in Alberta and in India.


Arnold D'sousa


Arnold is a bright, passionate, self-motivated, successful leader. He thrives on working with multiple projects & stakeholders. His core strengths are leading teams, mitigating risk and following a vision. Effective communication, critical thinking, strategic decision-making, and creative ideas are skills that he has refined over his career. His business conduct is a reflection of himself; honesty, loyalty, and communication. Arnold is able to clearly articulate what he requires and relates his vision to other teams to work towards mutual goals. While finding innovative ways to get things done; the ability to successfully execute is what separates him from the rest. 

Arnold calls Edmonton home since 2010, exploring the city and the province each summer.  Having mentored newcomers to Alberta and currently sitting on an advisory board of Bow Valley College for the Canadian Readiness Training Program, Arnold works closely with students from post-secondary alongside industry to build relationships, improve the education platform while creating networking opportunities for members of the community.


Rob Fox

Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul

I grew up on a farm in northeastern Alberta where my wife and I have chosen to live, work and raise our family.

For over 28 years, I have worked in the oil industry and was a consultant overseeing diagnostic and safety inspections for 15 of those years. I have an understanding of the industry and an awareness of its strengths and its shortcomings. My knowledge and experience in this area provides me with a perspective on how this vital industry ought to be managed.

I participated in the Alberta reboot meetings, the precursor movement to the Alberta Party.  I was the president of the Bonnyville Cold Lake CA and am currently on the board of the Bonnyville Cold Lake St Paul CA.  I have been a candidate federally for the Liberal Party of Canada in my home riding of Westlock-St. Paul during the 2011 election and have been a candidate for the Alberta Party in the 2015 provincial election. I have also volunteered in Edmonton Centre for Randy Boissonnault in his successful campaign during the 2015 federal election. 

I believe as a party we need more of a rural voice than we currently have to accurately reflect the constituents of the province.  As part of that voice, I believe we must successfully engage and involve the aboriginal community. I believe I can help provide that voice and I ask for your support in the board of directors election.


Marie Isaman


Over 3 decades, Marie has worked in the insurance industry, municipal governance and successfully managed growth in 2 arms-length government programs; she was an event planner for before that was a thing.  Marie’s compassion for people, joyful heart, intelligence, and commitment has led her to be an advocate for those in need; sometimes her own family.  Her volunteer work has been with the Boys & Girls Club, Women’s Ministry, immigrants, young mothers, adult learning, as well as local, regional and provincial political campaigns.  Marie is currently serving a 2nd term as school board trustee and works for the United Way. A good listener, joyful and fiercely loyal, Marie chooses her path carefully and in things that matter, desires to be on the correct side of history.

People in Marie’s circle would say that she likes good coffee, good books, loves to travel solo and with her husband.  She will watch almost any action or psychological thriller movie.  She is a lousy cook, but a great wife a good enough mother most of the time. Their four children, now all adults, continue to grow the family;  this Christmas, Isaman Party of 14, will breathe the same air for 10 days.  Wish them luck.  


Cam Khan

Calgary-North West

Cam Khan is a very active NW Calgary community member and volunteer.  He is also an enthusiastic political activist, with balanced political approaches on all economic, environmental and social issues.  He is an employer, business-oriented person and a scientist, who owns the biggest daycare center in NW Calgary Alberta. He earned double master’s degrees in science along with his 27 years of extensive oil and gas industry experience.

17 years ago, Cam Khan came to Canada because he wanted a better opportunity for his family. He worked hard and was rewarded by the oil & gas industry. Cam Khan believes that Alberta has the safest and most environmentally conscious standards not only in the country but also in the world with a great history and track record for social and ethical care, our standard of life means access to good education, proper health care, safety in our homes, rewarding employment and the best use of technology.

He believes in this country and this province.  He believes that we will address our problems head-on and find solutions.  We should never expect our government to solve all the problems as they do not have and should not have the necessary resources. He believes that most issues can be solved by communities coming together.  By people taking personal responsibility to their actions. By offering a hand up not a handout. The government that works best is one that helps facilitate local solutions not control them. We need to focus on what brings us together not what drives up apart.


Wayne Krekoski

Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul

My name is Wayne Krekoski. I currently am involved in agriculture as a grain and livestock producer in the Lakeland area, St. Paul AB. I am a U of A graduate specializing in AG Economics and Animal Science and am a former Alta Agriculture Agriculturalist as well as an Elite seed grower.  My first contact with the Alberta party leader Stephen Mandel was at an initiative my son spearheaded and held in Edmonton at the time of Stephen's mayoralty with the theme being "Can you be Conservative and have a Green Conscience?" I was impressed with the overall event and especially my personal meeting with Stephen at that event. I am involved in my community in various sports as coach/player/referee/executive, previous 4H leader and public speaking coach, previous chair of parent and school council, and as well with provincial boards (advisory assessment on curriculum and others).

I feel my greatest strength is the ability to work with diverse groups and help generate meaningful relevant outcomes. The Alberta Party is in a unique position as a centrist party to bring Albertans together and through a non-polarizing environment develop constructs with ideas and input from the right and left. I am willing and able to listen, discuss and validate input from the many regions and social spectrum of this province. Of course, as a rural and agriculture entrepreneur with a green conscience, I could help to build essential bridges between the rural and urban social and economic landscapes that currently are at odds with each other. Albertans deserve a political leadership that embraces ALL of Alberta and ALL Albertans and a party that can embrace the current challenges and develops strategies that stand the test of the now and the future. I would most definitely welcome being an active part of this process.


Phil Moreau


My name is Phil Moreau and I am originally from Northern Ontario.  My education consists of a University Degree in Political Science, a College Diploma in Broadcast Journalism and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Sports Business Management.  I have worked in management in the hospitality, business, retail, and sports industries.  In addition, I had also been a political riding President for a time period in Ottawa and worked on a few campaigns.

Politics is a great passion of mine, because, I believe that I can help change things for the better, for each and every person.  I have recently joined the Alberta Party, because, its platform and values are so closely aligned to mine.  As well, I believe in Stephen Mandel and I truly believe that “WE” can form the next Government.  I am so convinced of this that I have committed to the role of Campaign Manager for Jonathan Dai of the Edmonton-Whitemud riding. 

Lastly, I would really like the opportunity to become a Board Member with the Party, because, I will always work to better the Alberta Party and to ensure a better Alberta.


Mohamed Mourad

Edmonton Mill-Woods

My name is Mohamed Mourad. I’m a 34-year-old Professional Mechanical Engineer. I came to Canada when I was 18 as an international student and graduated with Mechanical Engineering degree, specializing in Aerospace, from Concordia University in Montreal, QC.

During my 16 years in Canada, I lived in many Canadian cities, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal and now Edmonton for the last 6+ years.

Currently, I work as a Sr. Mechanical engineer, designing downhole tools for the O&G industry. My main optimum goal right now is to promote Canadian and special Alberta’s high-quality tool machining and design to the world.

My wife and I have 3 kids, and our family loves to volunteer, travel and learn about new cultures. I volunteered for several different organizations across the country. From Catholic social services to Islamic Family and Social Services Association (IFSSA) to founding the Egyptian club in Montreal to Concordia University Muslim student association to many more. I also got my own YouTube channel where I talk to newcomers on best ways to integrate into Canadian society and to be part and contribute to it.

Thanks for your consideration.


Sonya Virk


I am writing to be selected as a board member to help me succeed professionally while contributing to the overall success of the organization. I have many years of experience in diverse work environments and workplaces. I have worked in banks, airlines, managed small businesses, worked in a parliamentary constituency office and law firms. I have also gained valuable volunteer work experience through my involvement in various community initiatives, played a lead role in many Provincial and Federal election campaigns, fundraising and event managing.  In the past I served my riding as the VP Communications.  Also as teh Organization Chair and now, am proud to be serving my riding as the TCA President.  

I have diplomas in Legal Assistant, Business Administration, Immigration & Customs, Customer Service and Quality Assurance, Flight Dispatch, Real Estate Sales courses. Through these studies, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience in public speaking, communication, reporting, and planning and have been involved in extensive research that has required teamwork and dedication.

I am committed to public service, enjoy collaborating with others and have a desire to learn and grow. I can say that I have qualities to deliver the services, run the programs and operate the facilities which make a difference in our community. I am hard working, persuasive determined and a team player. I have strong interpersonal skills with past success establishing respect and credibility through actions. I have strived to be a positive role model by outwardly demonstrating values like keeping confidentiality and privacy, being fun, friendly, and caring with one call resolution and a can-do attitude. I have been recognized by many past and present job customers and guests for my excellent customer service and problem-solving skills by their kudos from time to time till date.

The Alberta Party