Affordable Child Care

Alberta Party

March 10, 2021


Alberta Party calls for a childcare system that provides assistance to Alberta families in an affordable manner, to better serve families and aid in economic recovery.

The Alberta Party election platform in 2019 called for a childcare system that is means tested. It would also provide flexibility for parents to choose what type of childcare is best for their children and works for their family. This system should be explored again.

The UCP proposal gives families a one-time payment of $561. This is not enough to cover costs and get families working again. A universal $25 a day system favoured by the NDP is not a responsible use of money and fails to prioritize those most in need.

An affordable childcare must be an integral part of any economic stimulus plan, allowing families to choose, to thrive, and to provide an option for them to re-enter the work force.

Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske:

“The Alberta Party proposal is means tested and allows families a choice. It allows flexibility in the system and ensures those in rural areas will find it just as easy to access childcare as those in major urban centres.

“We know Albertans want a childcare plan that prioritizes their choice. Not all Albertans work 9-5. The Alberta Party plan does that in a fiscally responsible manner.”

There are more pragmatic ways to provide a robust, affordable, and sensible childcare system in Alberta. The Alberta Party has that plan.