Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske's Statement on MLA International Travel

To say I’m livid is an understatement.
Albertans are expected to have personal responsibility and do the right thing (instead of having mandated restrictions), and then get blamed when the numbers continue to climb.
But elected officials aren’t held to that same standard?! We have MLA’s and Ministers of the crown showing complete lack of respect for decisions they have imposed on others such as restricting travel and we have the Premier’s chief of staff fly from the UK through the US to avoid the flight ban imposed because of the COVID mutation. The premier says he takes responsibility for not being specific enough in his directions. I would hope we have leaders who can follow the intent of directions and guidelines and don’t need every detail in their lives spelled out. “Tomorrow wear the blue socks with your grey shoes”. Is this how specific we want someone to dictate to us to live our lives? What a gong show. Where are the other MLA’s in the UCP government who see this as an insult to Albertans ? Time for them to stand up and be accounted or be painted by the same brush. We want a government with officials we can trust to do the right not just to the letter of the law legal thing.
So, I guess following these examples by our current leaders we all should have travelled to Mexico to have that big New Year’s Party with all our friends. Visiting your friends down the block would lead to a fine but what happens in Mexico or Hawaii is okay. What is this province coming to?
Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske
The Alberta Party