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Robbie Nelson

Robbie Nelson is an active and engaged young Albertan with a passion for politics, governance, and public policy. He has been involved in provincial politics since he was 16 years old, when he got his first taste of campaigning as a volunteer for Linda Johnson in Calgary-Glenmore during the 2012 election. During the five years following this, Robbie was actively involved with the Progressive Conservative party, serving four terms as a constituency association executive, and three terms on the Executive of the PC Youth of Alberta. After becoming frustrated with the increasingly polarized and divisive tone and direction of provincial politics in Alberta, Robbie left the PC party in 2017 and subsequently joined the Alberta Party. Having now been elected to the Board of Directors, Robbie is eager to help build the Alberta Party as a moderate and pragmatic political party for all Albertans.

Outside of party politics, Robbie is currently a student in the final year of his Policy Studies degree at Mount Royal University, where he was recently named as the university’s Outstanding Future Alumni for 2017-18. While studying at Mount Royal, Robbie has also been highly involved with student advocacy and representation, both within the institution as well as towards various levels of government. He has served on the Board of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University (SAMRU), and was subsequently elected as Vice-President Academic of SAMRU, a role in which he served during the 2016-17 term. Robbie continues to actively advocate on student and community issues, currently serving as a representation volunteer with SAMRU, and as a core volunteer with Calgarians for BRT, a pro-transit grassroots advocacy group.


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