5 Reasons Tyler Shandro Should be Fired

Over 40% of doctors surveyed are considering leaving Alberta. This is a healthcare crisis. And there is one cause of it: Tyler Shandro.

Tyler Shandro has shown himself either incapable or unwilling to work with doctors and other health care professionals. He has no business leading the Ministry of Health. It is well past time for Premier Kenney to fire Tyler Shandro and bring competent, professional leadership into the role.

Acting Alberta Party leader, Jacquie Fenske:

“Throughout this pandemic, I’ve heard from a lot of doctors. These are driven, talented small business owners who have undertaken gruelling and expensive training to care for their patients. And they are demoralized. Risking their lives in a pandemic is tough enough. They shouldn’t also need to face constant, aggressive, misleading, inappropriate attacks from the Minister of Health.”


We are in the midst of a pandemic and financial crises. We need to find new and more efficient ways to deliver health care. That requires collaborative work between the government, doctors, and other professionals. But Tyler Shandro is far more interested in attacking Doctors on Twitter than in sitting down to work with  them. 

The UCP is pushing to bring more privatization into health care. Some of these changes may be worthwhile and important. But to ensure they improve our system and have no unintended consequences, the perspectives of doctors need to be considered. But rather than listening to doctors, Tyler Shandro shows up at their homes to yell when they raise concerns about privatization.

The medical world is changing quickly to better respond to the dangers of COVID-19. Doctors work long hours doing their normal work of caring for patients, then long extra hours figuring out how to adapt to the pandemic. Instead of making their jobs easier, Tyler Shandro is creating huge amounts of new Red Tape by changing billing codes and other provincial processes. And doctors are having to start Twitter accounts to hear about changes, since Tyler Shandro isn’t communicating with them directly.

Like most other small businesses, medical practices are navigating a time of great uncertainty. They need communication and stability from the government. Instead, doctors are having to take Tyler Shandro to court just to get a contract signed.

To be clear: Tyler Shandro’s fight with doctors is not about money. Tyler Shandro’s cynical and crass messaging is intended to mislead Albertans. He would like voters to believe that doctors are seeking to make unreasonable riches off the backs of other Albertans. But that isn’t the truth. Doctors themselves proposed a 5% cut to their pay. They recognize our challenging fiscal times, and don’t want to be paid unreasonably. 

Doctors want stability. They want to be paid the respect due to professionals. They want to be listened to. They want to be freed up to spend more of their time with patients. They want all of this so that they can better serve Albertans.

And they deserve all of this. Especially in the middle of a pandemic.

The Alberta Party first called for Tyler Shandro's removal in March 2020. We stand strong in this call. Premier Kenney needs to fire Tyler Shandro. Alberta needs a competent, mature Health Minister to repair its relationship with doctors and undo the damage done by Tyler Shandro.











The Alberta Party