Courtney Weiss's Profile

Courtney Weiss
Shadow Minister - Status of Women

Courtney was born in Regina, Saskatchewan but spent many of her childhood years living in different cities across Western Canada, including Calgary. Her parents, both small business owners, have taught her the importance of hard work and being involved in your community regardless of where you live.

Courtney studied Political Science at the University of Regina, at which time she learned the importance of getting involved if you want something to change. As an active member of the Political Science Students Course Union, she had the opportunity to support her fellow students by helping to hire new faculty and organize events and membership drives.

Courtney moved to Calgary in 2006 and started working in the telecommunications industry. During her career, she has developed a passion for supporting individuals going through change. Most recently, as a consultant for a small business in Calgary, she has worked with many companies to help them weather the storms of transformational change and come out the other side more resilient.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Courtney believes that there is an opportunity in Alberta politics for a new and forward-thinking approach.

Courtney is a strong believer in equality and building up marginalized populations so that everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of what this great province has to offer. Alberta has endless possibility and it will take a diverse and empowered population to make those possibilities reality.

Courtney currently lives in Calgary with her husband and two sons. On any given weekend you can find her and her family exploring Alberta's backyard either hiking or skiing or walking with her dog in one of Calgary's incredible parks.

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