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Leader's Update

Update from Jacquie Fenske

Canada Day has come and passed. However you chose to mark the day, I hope you did so thoughtfully.

Canada is a great country that has done horrific things. While we debated whether or not to celebrate, I now want to emphasize something else. Action.

It is not enough for people to cancel fireworks or choose not to celebrate Canada, it needs to be followed by action. Our province still takes too many Indigenous children from their communities through the foster system, we still can’t supply clean drinking water, and we still fail to provide the infrastructure needed to grow the economy in a way that provides opportunity for Indigenous Albertans.

Now that Canada Day 2021 has come and gone, we need to talk about Canada Day 2022. Not the day itself and whether we celebrate, but whether we’ve made progress on issues that matter and actually move our province forward, together.

It is a national issue, but I truly believe that Alberta can lead the country in the process of actually making systemic changes because we are, above all, a province of doers. Others will talk, but we will roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Upcoming Events

July 8 at 7:30 pm, How Would You Make Alberta Better?

Join Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske along with several members of the shadow cabinet online for the launch of our summer listening tour. The goal is to connect with as many members—and especially non-members—as possible.

So please share this event with your friends and encourage them to come too! Watch for future sessions in-person and online throughout the summer.

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This Week in Alberta

Abandoned Wells

A new report says that there are over 300,000 wells that have been allowed to be abandoned by the past three governing parties. Reclaiming the wells is the right thing to do. This would benefit the environment and would lead to an employment boom. The Alberta Party sees the oil well liabilities as an opportunity. We are calling for an initial pilot program to identify and convert 4,000 sites to produce geothermal energy as outlined in our Rebuilding Alberta plan.

Post-secondary Cuts

The University of Alberta faced the largest funding cuts compared to other institutions. Over the past two years, the University of Alberta saw cuts of 19 percent and the University of Calgary 12 percent, while others saw just two percent cuts. These cuts will translate into tuition increases, closed programs and reduced admissions.

Tuition hikes are never welcome and with the impacts of COVID still resonating with post-secondary students, the negative impacts will be even greater. As the majority of students across Alberta have not been able to work through two summers, their only answer is to take out more student loans.

The Alberta Party has repeatedly called for post-secondary funding to be restored. Post-secondary graduation rates are indicative of a healthy economy, something Alberta has been a leader in and we want to see that improve. The UCP government has clearly defined their priority in shrinking post-secondary opportunities and therefore the economy in the long term.

Budget Deficit

Figures recently released by the government show a $17 billion deficit in 2020-2021. This budget depended on the price of oil climbing. Relying on oil revenues to balance the budget has never been a winning plan, regardless of the party in charge. That is why the Alberta Party’s Shadow Budget, People, Economy, Jobs suggests that Albertans should decide about implementing a fiscally responsible sales tax.

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In the Media

Shadow Cabinet Minister Vern Raincock participated in a panel discussion on the Charles Adler Show last week. They talked about where Canadians believe they are on the world stage. He highlighted the Alberta Party values of prosperity and quality of life while discussing the national image and community. Vern is a member of the Charles Adler People’s Panel and is considered the “Alberta Party’s resident expert on rail.”

Interesting Read

Vaccines for COVID-19 are a scientific miracle but that doesn’t mean they came from nowhere. This article in Science News lays out where the vaccines came from and how they were adapted to the new virus so quickly.

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Government Feedback

North Saskatchewan Region Surface Water Quality Management Engagement

Help inform the development of a water quality framework for the North Saskatchewan and Battle rivers. Take the survey by September 17, 2021.

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