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Leader's Update

Update from Jacquie Fenske

Hear Jacquie’s take on the news this week in Alberta.

I went west of Edmonton this week. I visited some of the hidden gems in Fallis, Carvel, and Wabamun. It got me thinking.

First, municipal politics matter. And it’s hard to attract good municipal candidates. My weekly video focused on that.

It also made me think about how hard people in retail have had to work to keep the lights on. And while we are moving to an open summer, there’s still a lot of challenges. Customers and businesses are feeling nervous and hesitant. They will likely go through a feeling out period before everyone is comfortable.

Questions like whether to run at full capacity, hire more staff or order more inventory will be existential for some time yet.

We know people want to get back to normal. They can see it, feel it, but it’s hard to get over the last 15 months of fear and caution. Please keep finding a way that is comfortable for you to continue to support those businesses. They really, really need it.

Keep being you,

Upcoming Events

June 22 at 7:30 pm, Let’s Talk Municipal Issues: In Light of Covid-19 and Government Funding Cuts

Join our Shadow Cabinet and several municipal affairs experts from around Alberta to talk about what vibrant, thriving communities could look like and how we could get there.

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I think you will agree it is fresh, fast, and fabulous. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Now I’m asking you to help us out again as we enter the summer months and Albertans begin to shake off the fuzzy remnants of the past year of the pandemic. We proved our resiliency and we’re ready to move on.

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This Week in Alberta

Coal Cancelled

Mining the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains continues to be a hot topic in Alberta.

Recently a report commissioned by local stakeholders concluded that the UCP Government has failed to properly consider the environmental impact of the mines.

On top of that, the Alberta Energy Regulator released a review concluding that the Grassy Mountain project is not in the public interest and has denied provincial applications.

This looks like the first steps to a more modern resource management strategy. We have long advocated for local stakeholders to be involved in this process and protect the slopes from irreparable damage.

Broken Promises

The UCP halted—without notice or reason—negotiations with the Metis Nation of Alberta.

According to the Metis Nation of Alberta, in 2019 the government indicated they would continue negotiating in good faith. The Metis Nation of Alberta is now taking the government to court for going back on their commitment.

We have repeatedly called for the government to follow through on its promises, whether in negotiations with the Metis Nation of Alberta, Alberta's doctors or in properly supporting municipalities.

Honouring agreements and getting a framework for consultation in place is important both morally and economically. Without it, projects will stall in court, and reconciliation efforts will fail.

Opioid Crisis

Youth opioid overdose numbers released this week show that the crisis is growing and is now affecting more young people than ever.

While the current government has correctly identified the need for mental health and addiction supports, it has yet to adequately fund it.

The Alberta Party proposed a very detailed policy on the Opioid Crisis in 2019. It includes declaring a Public Health Emergency, adopting a harm reduction approach, as well as including more preventative and mental health supports.

This is one of the primary issues facing Alberta and it needs a holistic approach to make any meaningful impact.

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Interesting Read

What happens when 21st century scientists have to debate and prove their ideas with limited data?

This article is a long, deep-dive read and shows how scientists react when something new comes along.

It shows what happens when even the internet cannot help solve the problem and social media may muddy the waters with conjecture and biases.

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