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Leader's Update

Update from Jacquie Fenske

This week was one of heartbreak for me. The discovery of the mass grave at a residential school site in Kamloops shocked the country. I am happy the current government quickly heeded calls, including those from the Alberta Party, to fund programs to undertake similar studies at Alberta residential school sites.

As a mother, I cannot imagine having the government take my child to a residential school. The thought of what happened after they were there, and the disregard shown to them even in passing, is unfathomable.

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New Website

In case you missed it, we updated our website last week and want to highlight some new features you may want to look at.

This week we want to highlight the membership page. This is a great page to share when you are discussing the party and a good place to start or close the conversation about becoming a member of the party.

Upcoming Events

June 22 at 7:30 pm, Let’s Talk Municipal Issues: In Light of Covid-19 and Government Funding Cuts

Join our Shadow Cabinet and several municipal affairs experts from around Alberta to talk about what vibrant, thriving communities could look like and how we could get there.

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This Week in Alberta


This week, the discovery of the 215 unmarked graves at the Kamloops Residential School hit Albertans.

We called for the provincial government to support the Indigenous peoples of Alberta by funding all requests for investigations in Alberta. We were pleased to see the Indigenous Relations minister's response.


We are interested to see the implementation of the recommendations made in this week's release of the Continuing Care review right before World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15.

The realities of the pandemic have shown we need to do better when it comes to our seniors' care, something the Alberta Party spoke about frequently in the last election.


Justice Minister Kaycee Madu rejected a reform plan from the Lethbridge Police, which was ordered after a number of scandals hit the force, ranging from sexual assault to harassing a minister.

Alberta Party Shadow Minister of Justice Ron Rheinhold says that “I am not surprised Minister Madu has rejected the Lethbridge Police reform plan. The Alberta Party previously recommended Lethbridge Police incorporate police management from other police forces. While the Alberta Party supports citizen engagement during this process, we don’t believe a full public inquiry to be completed by November 2021 is realistic.”


We know that small businesses in Alberta have been negatively affected by the changing health orders reducing their ability to operate.

Surprisingly, the number of active businesses in February showed a slight uptick, but we know that all is not well in Alberta’s business sector today. Read the latest from the ATB OWL report.


Albertans were outraged when photos emerged of the UCP leadership dining in grand style on the rooftop of the “Sky Palace” while public health orders restricted Albertans from doing the same.

Many expressed anger at the show of entitlement and the opulence reminiscent of the PC dynasty.

Here are some other headlines you may have missed this week:

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Interesting Reads

There have been a few announcements about tech companies bringing jobs to Calgary. The city’s efforts may be starting to pay off.

The Institute for Science Society and Policy held a forum about the battles between levels of government and the energy and environmental policy. You can watch it here.

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Around Alberta

Alberta Métis Fest, June 26

The Great Escape Passport June 1-30

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