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Update from Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske

Hear Jacquie’s take on the news this week in Alberta.

Some weeks it is hard to keep up with the political news of Alberta because there’s so much to be outraged about. Some weeks, I have the same trouble, but just because of the sheer volume of it all. With all the bills being debated in the Legislature this week, this week was very much the latter.

But what did the movers and shakers in the UCP and NDP decide was important enough to fight about? A childish Twitter fight over who told who about members of the Premier’s staff contracting COVID.

I spent this week talking to a lot of people about what our province needs to restore prosperity and really take care of Albertans.

Usually, my meetings are split between stakeholders — people representing specific groups — Party members and concerned voters who reach out (which you can always do - [email protected]), but this week it was much more heavily the latter.

And guess what: no one cares about a Twitter fight. They care about health care, education and the economy. Let’s make sure we’re the party that talks about what really matters to Albertans.

Stay Safe,
Jacquie Fenske

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This Week in Alberta

Some of the legislation being debated this week amounts to spring cleaning — tinkering around the edges, doing little to actually help Albertans. The Alberta Party decided to call attention to an issue that would help the economy grow and lead to more jobs and more businesses finding success.

The Alberta Party would institute a first-adopter principle in government procurement. This particular issue highlights the role government can play, without undue meddling in the market, in developing Alberta start-ups. This would be particularly important in technology industries.

Read the full statement here.

Premier Kenney failed to understand the importance of the Rocky Mountains to the identity of Albertans. It appears the Premier has, once again, failed to read the memo about an issue near and dear to the hearts of Albertans.

In the UCP’s obsession of downloading costs to municipalities, rat suppression funding has been cut.

Cuts to the Rat Control Program means Bonnyville, for example, has $20,000 less to keep the pests out of the province.

Alberta is internationally recognized for its rat-free status and cuts to the program put that at risk.

Without trust, there can be no governing. That is why, regardless of the merits of the proposed deal, Alberta’s doctors refused to endorse the one offered by Health Minister Tyler Shandro.

This week, the president of the Alberta Medical Association said that trust must be regained before any new deal is proposed.

"I'm not going to bring back another agreement (for ratification) unless I have pretty good confidence that it's going to pass," Boucher said in an interview.

The Alberta Party has called for the Minister’s resignation for almost a year, and trust cannot be regained if he remains in his position.

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Interesting Read

Albertans are facing challenges not seen in a lifetime. But despite that, it is important to be optimistic, because our province has one natural resource that has always gotten us through - Albertans themselves.

Read this op-ed from the Financial Post about the hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of Albertans.

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