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Update from Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske

Hear Jacquie’s take on the news this week in Alberta.

This week I took a virtual trip to St. Paul to visit with party members and was in Calgary talking to a public policy group about social support programs in the province.

I want to wish everyone a happy Easter. Normally the weekend is filled with gatherings of friends and family, at home or in churches across the province, this year’s more private Easter will just mean next year’s is even sweeter.

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First Quarter Fundraising

Thank you to all of our donors! While official numbers won’t be out until later, we more than doubled our Q1 fundraising compared to this time last year.

We couldn’t have done it without our members. Showing such a strong fundraising quarter shows the momentum we are building as a Party.

This is important as it attracts new members, supporters, and leadership candidates.

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This Week in Alberta

The UCP released their new K-6 education curriculum, and Albertans responded with heavy and widespread criticism. The curriculum was flawed from the start because the process lacked transparency.

The new curriculum contains subject matter that is not age appropriate and fails to build the concrete skills students need to succeed.

The Alberta Party statement on the process can be found here.

We encourage you to take the Public Feedback Survey on the curriculum to let the UCP know what you think. We also encourage you to write to your MLA about your concerns.

A new curriculum is far from the most pressing change we need in our education system right now. It is more important than ever that education as a whole is prioritized.

Our province needs smaller class sizes, funding for educational assistants, and support programs like the Program Unit Funding to be restored. These issues that must be dealt with, or curriculum won’t matter near as much as it should.

The Health Minister has announced that Alberta’s doctors have rejected a deal over fee payments.

It was not a surprising result, as all trust had been completely lost between doctors and the Health Minister Tyler Shandro.

Shandro has been locked in a very volatile, very public fight with doctors for over a year.The doctors approving of a deal was always a long-shot after 98 percent of them voted that they had no confidence in Shandro’s leadership.

Trust is key in government. The current UCP government has lost the trust of Alberta’s doctors. The Alberta Party is continuing to call for Shandro’s removal so the work on rebuilding trust with our doctors can begin.

Calgary Economic Development announced a $50M investment for tech sector growth in Calgary.

This is a great first step, though the UCP needs to do more to support this growth across Alberta. Reinstating the tech start-up tax credit, as the Alberta Party has called for, would help diversify our economy.

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Interesting Read

Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that, effectively, Alberta has to create its own carbon tax or the federal government will (and already have) imposed one.

Don Braid’s Calgary Herald opinion column makes the same argument that Alberta Party has - Albertans need to be in control of something that so significantly affects our well-being and the economy.

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