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Update from Acting Leader Jacquie Fenske

Jacquie’s 2021 started off with a real bang, as the anger of Albertans took off over the travel history of UCP MLAs and staffers.

On Monday, she was interviewed as a guest on Real Talk with Ryan Jespersen. You can listen to her interview here (Former PC MLA Dr. Richard Starke starts at ~1:40, and Jacquie starts after that at 1:55)

Tuesday, she was on Danielle Smith's show.

Finally, on Friday, she was on the Insight Pints podcast.

Fundraising Challenge Update

The Facebook Members’ Fundraising effort started by Wayne Jackson added over $8,500 to the Q4 fundraising numbers! We are happy to share that we increased our Q4 fundraising by 27% over Q3. Thank you to everyone who is helping us set new standards and goals for the party.

This year will be critical for the Alberta Party as we elect a new leader. Please consider a monthly donation so we can maintain the momentum to create a Party for all Albertans.

Interview with Troy Wason

On January 1 we welcomed new Executive Director Troy Wason to the team. We interviewed him about his experiences and his outlook for our party.

Watch the full interview with Troy

Catch up on all of our Board interviews on YouTube:

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You're Invited!

January 15 at 7:30 pm, Alberta Party 101 Online Session Grande Prairie

Hosted by the Grande Prairie Constituency Association, this session is aimed at northwest Alberta.

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January 19 at 7 pm, Live in Livingston-Macleod, Highwood and Banff-Kananaskis

Join members and supporters for a Super CA Meeting.

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All Alberta Party events are listed on the events page.

Provincial Board Update

At the last Provincial Board of Directors online meeting, the Board appointed two new members to the vacant seats on the Provincial Board. We're excited to have Joy Monsma and Doug Cronk join the Board!

Should you have any questions about the Provincial Board meetings, feel free to email the Corporate Secretary at [email protected].

This Week in Alberta

Credit: Aaron Penson

The news this week was dominated by the hypocrisy of the Premier and the UCP MLAs who felt entitled enough to ignore the advice they gave all Albertans.

The Grande Prairie Alberta Party Constituency Association made it into media nation-wide by welcoming Minister Allard back from her Hawaiian holiday tradition with a makeshift display of cards and leis.

Read the Article

Former Alberta Party candidate from Grande Prairie, Grant Berg, was interviewed by 630 CHED about the Aloha Scandal.

Listen to the Interview

Eventually, the Premier accepted the resignation of Minister Allard from her Ministerial duties, demoted MLAs and fired a staffer who had travelled abroad but the damage has been done.

Read the Article

To ensure trust in the Legislature is restored, the Alberta Party has asked the NDP to file a motion of return when the Legislature returns in February.

By filing a Motion of Return, the schedules of all MLAs will be made public, and Albertans will know for sure who went where, when, and who knew about it.

Read our Statement

Interesting Read

Will the Canadian economy recover once the pandemic has subsided? This article from the Financial Post says there is one thing that will determine whether it will or not.

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