Healthcare Plan

Barry Morishita deeply believes in public healthcare and frontline services. An Alberta Party government plans to build and modernize hospitals, shorten wait times and provide predictable funding to ensure Albertans get the care they need.

An Alberta Party government will take significant action to modernize and invest in Alberta’s publicly-funded health system, to provide better services to all Albertans.

An Alberta Party government deeply believes in the public health care system and will work with healthcare professionals. We will direct Alberta Health Services to put a plan in place to reduce silos and better integrate emergency rooms, acute, transition, long term and home care.

[2018] Ensuring Evidence-Based and Efficient Care 

An Alberta Party Government would: 

  1. Improve quality and affordability of health care by partnering with physicians, healthcare  providers, professional associations, and patients to raise awareness of evidence based best  practices. 
  2. Ensure that patients receive tests, treatments, and procedures that are necessary and add value  to their care 

[2018] Caring For our Seniors 

An Alberta Party Government would: 

  1. Support seniors in Alberta by ensuring there are appropriate numbers of care facilities, including  sufficient public facilities. 
  2. Implement a comprehensive dementia strategy to ensure that patients with dementia and their  families and caregivers across Alberta have access to a range of services appropriate for their  needs. 

[2016] Building a Healthy Alberta 

An Alberta Party Government would establish a Wellness Foundation for Alberta to promote health and  prevent disease and disability using a comprehensive approach. The Foundation would focus on  evidence-based, primary prevention initiatives.

[2016] Enhance Home Care Services 

An Alberta Party Government would enhance home care services for seniors and persons with  disabilities by: 

  1. Increasing funding to improve the availability and quality of home care services. 2) Ensuring more efficient use of financial resources, thereby reducing the need for expensive  acute care beds and public, long term care homes. 
  2. Ensuring adequate supports for the informal networks for those requiring home care services. 

[2016] Improve Integrated Primary Care 

An Alberta Party Government would expand the use of Integrated Primary Care teams to ensure;  improved patient outcomes, better quality of life, longer life expectancy, improved patient experience,  lower overall costs.

[2022] Child Centered Health

In conjunction with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, expand Primary Care Networks and Alberta Health Care coverage to ensure all children have access to required services to improve their physical, mental, and social. This will include nutrition, physiotherapy, mental health, educational, and speech pathology supports,

  • Expand the role and number of Registered Nurse Case Managers within Primary Care Networks to oversee/organize/manage children’s various healthcare needs and to work with the education system to ensure synchronicity of services,
  • Invest in general emergency departments across the province to enhance their pediatric readiness to improve children’s healthcare outcomes when presenting to general hospitals for emergent care with a goal of all emergency departments having a Weighted Pediatric Readiness Score (WPRS) of 100 within ten years
  • Develop a Pediatric Readiness of Emergency Departments Team to manage the improvement of pediatric readiness in general emergency departments across the province
  • Provide funding for periodic surveys (every 5 years) to ensure targets are being met

[2018] Reducing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Wait Times 

An Alberta Party Government would empower Alberta Health Services and emergency departments to  ensure that ambulance paramedics would not be required to wait with patients for longer than 30  minutes. 

[2022] EMS – Emergency Response

The Alberta Party address the disparity of service and response times through the following:

  • Address the type of assets used for non-emergent patient movement (clinics, testing, non-emergent inter-facility transfers)
  • Address the floating boundaries of response areas, as well as how assets are moved within that coverage.
  • Set a base mark of service response time for all Code levels and the allocation of response to each level.
  • Investigate and invest into asset management technology to aid dispatch to dispense the proper level of response services. Ensuring the services are met without overburdening key resources.
  • Be it further resolved that the Alberta Party address the wellness of the valued human resources within our emergency response system.
  • Ensuring mental health supports for all levels of staff.
  • Identification of infrastructure and training shortfalls, ensuring responders performance and minimalizing attrition and leave requirements.
  • Identify the shortcoming of the current cross coverage model of service boundaries and the effects of responders.