Education Policy

Alberta Party policy for Education is listed below:  

Curriculum Policy

The Alberta government will initiate a curriculum review and revision process for the Alberta Education curriculum on a continual basis; and develop a new Alberta education curriculum on a continual basis within ten years of the rollout of a curriculum in use; and the provincial government oversight be done by multi-partisan leadership through a standing committee of the Legislative Assembly.

  • The Alberta Party would ensure that teachers, First Nations, Metis, Inuit educational partners, relevant industry leaders and future employers, and a wide sample of parental and student input is provided at every step of the process, and with ongoing evaluation of the current curriculum to identify strengths and challenges.
  • Teachers and subject matter experts will be included in working groups that will review the curriculum at multiple writing stages, so the document remains true to its intended outcomes.
  • When the curriculum documents are ready, a pilot will be undertaken by a sufficient sample size to accurately review it. The curriculum documents will be finalized with teachers and provide the proper front matter to guide teachers in delivery and assessment
  • The curriculum development process will be protected from government overreach and focused on educational best practices.  

[2022 AGM]

Funding Our Schools 

An Alberta Party government would end mandatory school fees, making schools more accessible for all  Albertans, and reducing the administrative burden on school staff. 

An Alberta Party government would provide sustainable, consistent, adequate funding for our schools,  with annual increases that are proportionate to population growth plus inflation. Funding must be  stable to allow for long-term planning.   

[2015 AGM]

Education Infrastructure 

An Alberta Party would ensure building decisions for new schools are not politically driven, and would  fund new schools according to enrollment numbers. 

An Alberta Party government would encourage the sharing of resources, such as busing, between  overlapping school districts to reduce duplication of services.  

[2015 AGM]

Building a Child-Centered Society

The Alberta Party will:

  • Establish a task force with early education specialists to develop:
  • An evidence-based Early Childhood Education curriculum to be followed by qualified Early Childhood Education Centres (Preschools, Playschools, Early Kindergarten, etc.)
  • Criteria and standards for Early Childhood Education Centers to follow to be considered qualified.  

[2022 AGM]

Investing in quality childcare 

An Alberta Party Government would: 

  1. Invest in accessible, high quality, cost-effective child-care spaces that address early childhood  education needs. 
  2. Provide funding on an income-tested basis to improve access to childcare. 
  3. Assess the increasing need for before and after school care and invest in improving access.  

[2018 AGM]

Support Special Needs Students 

An Alberta Party Government would increase supports for students with special needs with  additional appropriately trained staff and funding. 

An Alberta Party government would provide targeted funding for educational assistants to  increase the human supports for students with special needs.  

[2015-2016 AGM]

Supporting our Post-Secondary Institutions and Students 

An Alberta Party Government would: 

  1. Ensure stable and predictable operational funding to post-secondary institutions on a multi-year  basis 
  2. Legislate a cap to limit tuition increases for both domestic and international students to  Alberta’s CPI 
  3. Advocate that the Government of Canada increase the income threshold for recent graduates to  begin repaying their student loans 
  4. Commit to providing ongoing funds for student mental health supports  

[2018 AGM]