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Kerry Cundal

Kerry Cundal has lived all over Alberta, from Grande Prairie to Edmonton, from Red Deer to Calgary, serving Albertans as a teacher and immigration lawyer before sitting on the Immigration and Refugee Board and then running as a federal candidate in Calgary-Signal Hill in 2015. Recently, Kerry served as Director of Parliamentary Affairs for the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. Kerry co-founded Ask Her, a non-profit organization with a goal to see more women run for Calgary city council in 2017. Kerry and her husband Cory have two adult children and have lived in Calgary for over fifteen years.

Kerry Cundal passionately believes that as centrists we need to work together with those who share our principles and vision for Alberta. Kerry is reaching out to Albertans to ensure there is a strong centrist voice in the next election that combines fiscal responsibility with needed social supports and strong human rights values. Kerry has volunteered with Calgary Reads, Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, Calgary Workers’ Resource Centre and Alberta Together.


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