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Zero – A Good Place to Start

February 01, 2012

EDMONTON, AB – On Jan. 26, 2012, Premier Alison Redford told a Fort McMurray audience that the spring’s session would begin with zero-based budgeting. While the Alberta Party supports zero-based budgeting and is pleased that the PC government is moving towards this type of system, there are some important areas that need to be considered.

“On its own, zero-based budgeting is not sufficient,” says Alberta Party Leader Glenn Taylor. “It needs to be part of a bigger process.”

The budgeting cycle needs to change to a five-year cycle that helps avoid financial decisions that are made for political reasons rather than on good economics. In other words, it reduces the partisan elements of the process while allowing us to focus on planning properly for the future.

The budget process itself needs to be open to input and public oversight from day one. A cabinet tour as the budget nears completion isn’t useful consultation. The process must include input from interested or impacted parties in a useful and meaningful way.

“Budgets should be built in the open,” says Taylor. “Not appearing fully formed in the lockup room of the legislature on budget day.

The budget must also include a long-term planning component. Alberta’s resource revenues are a one-time inheritance and we need to make sure we are saving the profits rather than living off of them.

“Long-term planning is generational,” says Taylor. “We must be looking to the future and making sound decisions based on what is best for all Albertans.”


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