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13 March 2017

Survey says...

The first phase of the first round of our Bold Ideas process comes to an end next week. You can still share your ideas for funding Alberta’s future by filling out our survey before March 15, 2017.

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01 March 2017

Where the experts agree

Political parties often make big ideological statements about the best things to do. We hear a lot from right-wing parties about the need to cut spending. Left-wing parties talk about raising taxes. Much of this ideology is based in emotion.

What’s often missing from these positions is the voice of reason. The facts. The evidence that those left-wing or right-wing ideas come from some kind of proof. Or at least some kind of proven theory. That’s why the Alberta Party is different. We are the smart and sensible centre. We build policy on good ideas, not just what feels right to us.

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14 February 2017

What are these bold ideas anyway?

What are different ways that we can fund Alberta’s future? That’s the question that the Alberta Party asked members and observers who attended our #CentreTogether event in November. Through a series of information sharing, workshops, dialogue, and polling, the group came up with these nine bold ideas - have a read and tell us what you think.

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10 February 2017

What was this #CentreTogether thing?

In November, the Alberta Party launched a bold new statement: we are the centrist party for all Albertans. As Greg Clark said in his speech, Albertans shouldn’t have to choose between two polarizing, bad options; an intolerant right or an irresponsible left. We believe that Alberta is not right wing or left wing. Albertans want leaders who speak their language. Leaders who understand their struggles. And leaders who share their optimism.

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